Curriculum (Undergraduate)

Undergraduate Educational Goals

Looking at our clothing, food, and shelter, it is clear that humankind’s prosperity in the 20th century was brought about by progress in chemistry. Naturally, chemistry will continue to be the key to prosperity in the 21st century.The Department of Chemistry has 13 research laboratories, where state-of-the-art research is carried out in the following areas amongst others: clarification of the mechanisms of specific functions and reactions related to molecules, which are the basic units of substances, and related to molecular aggregates, and molecular design and the synthesis of substances with new properties.

In the Department of Chemistry, the curriculum for lectures, exercises, and experiments is systematically formulated so that enrolled students can study subjects ranging from the basics of chemistry to advanced specialties in a structured way. With senior graduate research, efforts are made to train persons to be competent in an international environment; for example, consideration is given to receiving carefully planned instruction through experiments and seminars in relevant research laboratories.

Chemistry Program-Related Curriculum

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1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years
previous term Late previous term Late previous term Late previous term Late
compulsoryIntroduction to university education,
Culture seminar
graduation research
Introduction to Information and Data Science
Basic subjects Chemistry experiment method and experimentⅠ・Ⅱ chemical experimentⅠ chemical experimentⅡ
basic chemistryA basic physical chemistryA basic physical chemistryⅠA basic physical chemistryⅡA Chemistry English Exercise Chemistry English Exercise
basic chemistryB basic physical chemistryB basic physical chemistryⅠB physical chemistryⅡB physical chemistry exercise
basic inorganic chemistry inorganic chemistryⅠ inorganic chemistryⅢ
inorganic chemistryⅡ Inorganic Chemistry Exercise
basic organic chemistry organic chemistryⅠ organic chemistryⅢ
organic chemistryⅡ organic chemistry practice
elective or elective
Advanced science subjects
biomaterial chemistry reaction kinetics biopolymer chemistry chemistry exercises
biostructural chemistry molecular structure chemistry molecular photochemistry
organic analytical chemistry quantum chemistry
Total organic main element chemistry Computational Chemistry/Practice in Computational Chemistry
photofunctional chemistry biochemistry
Inorganic Solid State Chemistry organometallic chemistry
instrumental analytical chemistry radiochemistry
structural organic chemistry
Reactive organic chemistry
system biology bioinformatics
chemistry internship
Chemistry special lecture (intensive lecture)
Other specialized subjects offered by the other programs of School of Science